Meet The Campaign-Winning Data Management and Marketing Platform

Crowdskout is a data management and marketing platform that brings all of your data under one roof, allowing for better and smarter decisions. We connect, match and integrate all of your data sources together, allowing you to search, segment, visualize and analyze. Then, we help you to take action.

We distilled a lot of what we do into 90 seconds

Crowdskout's CRM does some amazing things. Here are a few of them.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Visualize and analyze your data by building charts and graphs. Then, use those insights to fuel your future decisions.

Targeted Email

Run highly targeted email campaigns using your favorite email provider – or use Crowdskout's - delivering the right message to the right people.

Canvassing Campaigns

Build audiences, map them, and create surveys – delivering beautiful and intuitive walk lists that can be used on your tablet or smartphone.

Third-Party Integrations

Connect any of your third-party platforms to make sure you're using all your data to make the smartest decisions possible.

Digital Tracking

Drop our analytics code onto your site to track your audiences as they move through your site – all appended back to their profile for easy segmenting.

Audience Segmentation

Segment and connect with your audience based on interest, location, social network or virtually any data point you have.

Forms & Surveys

Create custom surveys, forms or petitions that can be used for canvassing, phone surveys, or even embedded onto your website.

Staff & Volunteer Management

Manage your staff and volunteers with customizable user levels, activity tracking, and user permissioning and data segregation.

Activity Timelines

Visualize interactions with your audience - from donations to tweets to page views to surveys — everything is easily accessible from their profile.

Collect More Data

Match all of your data together under one roof—and collect more using our forms and digital tracking software.

Analyze Your Audience

Search, segment, analyze and visualize your data—craft the right message for the right audience.

Execute Your Outreach

Take action—send targeted emails, create canvassing or phone campaigns, send direct mail or run digital ads.

Crowdskout is a campaign-winning platform, for campaigns and marketing teams alike.

Learn how others have used Crowdskout to win elections, push advocacy initiatives, maximize their non-profit operations, and magnify their community outreach.

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