Case Study: Managing Partners for Greater Advocacy Efforts

10-19 (LENA): Murmuration Case Study #1

The Problem
A nation-wide education advocacy organization needed to get all of its partner data into one place to be able to effectively organize and mobilize their staff and volunteers. Their data sources were everywhere–voter files, consumer data, housed with partner organizations, etc. Due to these existing silos, a mass amount of data was underutilized or not used at all. Their goal was to pull their own data, partner data, and all other data together under one roof, collect more data, and take meaningful action based on that data. They also needed a good way to manage various partners’ access to the data and create hierarchies of account and user levels to effectively manage people to reach their campaign goals.

The Solution
Crowdskout was able to take their campaign to the next level allowing the organization to easily manage all of their partners nationwide through Crowdskout’s Account List management tool. The tool allowed the organization to build and delete sub accounts and share data across accounts in customized ways making it easy to share the right data with the right people seamlessly. Various user level set-ups were also created to give the right access to the right people to keep teams focused on their specific efforts. Data silos between organizations were brought down by Crowdskout’s ability to pull in data from all third party vendors and import data stored in different formats giving the organization access to all data all in one place.

The Result
The organization was able to break down the silos of the data, visualize it and take strategic action based off the data from a holistic level. Through easy data sharing, segmentation and action saw saw great improvement in education-related public advocacy and community building. Partner organizations were able activate and expand supporter groups and mobilize them effectively for political change. The results of their actions always fed back into Crowdskout which continued to enhance and refine all the data growing their ability to make an impact in all of their initiatives.

Posted by Lena Lyk

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