5 Ways Crowdskout Helps Supercharge Your Outreach Efforts


It’s no secret that maximizing community outreach, pushing advocacy efforts, or winning campaigns boils down to reaching the right audience with the right message, at the right time. While it may seem like second nature to some, we found that even if they were aware, many organizations and campaigns were not utilizing their data to make the biggest impact. If data is not under one roof, that means an organization is executing outreach efforts without a clear view of its audience’s behaviors, interests, and motivations—and that’s a huge missed opportunity.  

We built Crowdskout to change that, and our Audience tool is the first step in your journey to completely transform the way you identify, connect with, and activate the audiences that matter most.

Now in our Audience tool, you can see everything you need to know about a person’s digital footprint – from video views to email opens to ad conversions – alongside a comprehensive view of their interactions with your organization. Visualize your online and offline data on the fly and as always, seamlessly collect data and take action without ever leaving the platform.

Everyone from nonprofits to campaigns to advocacy associations can benefit from better use of data. We’re ridiculously easy yet exceptionally advanced, meaning everyone from data scientists to on-the-ground volunteers can use our platform. Teams can seamlessly gather actionable insights to reach their biggest supporters. Read on for a breakdown of five ways Crowdskout can supercharge your outreach efforts.

1. Break down the silos of your data

Within our platform, we automatically collect data about your audience from any source you can imagine. Gone are the scattered spreadsheets, databases that don’t talk to one another, and misinformed decisions fueled by a lack of understanding. By keeping all your online and offline data under one roof, we allow you to have a comprehensive view of your audience. Crowdskout also integrates with your organization’s favorite third-party tools, so your team can continue to use the event management tool or phone banking tool they love, and gather the most comprehensive insights. What does this mean? With Crowdskout you can gain an understanding of not only the basic demographics of your audience, but the interests, type of content they consume, and how they consume it.

2. Create highly-tailored segments and lists using online and offline data

Having access to all this data means the sky’s the limit when it comes to understanding your audience’s behaviors. Build custom segments based on any number of attributes ranging from basic demographics including party affiliation to interaction data including website clicks, video views, Facebook Ad clicks, and email opens.

3. Visualize trends you never knew existed

From there, seamlessly drill down into your data and visualize trends you never knew existed. For example, with Crowdskout you’d be able to see that the majority of men ages 18-25 in your audience who received your emails, watched your YouTube campaign video, and registered for your upcoming fundraiser event were also interested in Nascar. Using this insight, you could pass out Nascar-related items in your gift bags and turn your audience into passionate supporters for your cause. Had your data not been under one roof, these trends may have gone unnoticed, and there would be a lost opportunity to gather the type comprehensive insights on this specific group of individuals.  

4. Use hyper-personalized messaging 

As online consumers become increasingly frustrated with content unrelated to their interests, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re reaching the right audience. Crowdskout makes it easy to cut through the clutter and create personalized messages in bulk that are catered to your audience without having to worry about incomplete data. Target based on consumption data from any number of third party tools and take out the guess work of messaging. Rather than targeting likely voters to spread your message, tailor content to those whom you know expressed interest in your content on a specific issue or consumed your latest video.

5. Analyze your results and adjust your actions based on data

Once you take action, you can analyze exactly how each segment of your audience interacted with your message down to the individual level. Crowdskout empowers you to create custom dashboards full of charts and goals that tell you exactly what you want to know about your target audience. Finally, act on the data insights. Now equipped with the knowledge of what type of content resonates with your constituents, and volunteers, mobilize them to help achieve your organizational goals. Use Crowdskout to gain insights on who to reach out to, what messaging to use, and which channels to utilize and then set up reminders for RSVPs, track attendance, and measure success.

Learn more about how we’re helping customers maximize their community outreach, push advocacy efforts, and drive winning campaigns. Then imagine what Crowdskout can do for you by requesting a demo


Supercharge Advocacy Outreach


Posted by Nicole Tanoue

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