Announcing our Enhanced Audience Building Capabilities

It’s a big day at Crowdskout as we officially unveil an overhaul to what might be the most important piece of the Crowdskout platform—our Audience building capability. With this update, our customers can build segments and lists quicker and easier than ever before, allowing for deep dives and complex queries.

Some of the new functionality you’ll see include:

New Visual Audience Building

After hundreds of conversations with customers who use our platform on a daily basis, we’ve completely rethought our interface to reflect how people build audiences. This new interface allows users to interact with their data in a more intuitive, visual way.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.52.33 AM

Instant Data Visualizations

Sometimes you just need quick answers to what’s in your data and the best way to utilize the information. Now you can view visualizations of your data as you build your audience. See demographic breakdowns and usability details on the fly, including the status of email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses.

Introducing Power Editor

Current customers are aware of Advanced Query Mode, which allows your team to be hyper-specific about how to extract data from your audience. Now, we’ve released an updated version with a new name: Power Editor. This new functionality allows you to build complex queries using our own Structured Query Language (SQL) or what we’re calling Crowdskout Query Language or CQL. Don’t worry, if you know SQL, you’ll know CQL in a flash. We’re already seeing a lot of users building pretty complex queries in our Beta release and we’re excited to see wide adoption during this rollout.

Part of this release also includes a feature within Power Editor that we’re calling Wildcard. If you’re familiar with SQL, this shouldn’t be a new concept. Wildcard allows you to build queries where you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but you know it lives somewhere. For example, you could pull all records that have the same first name, or all live on the same street. To do this, simply add an asterisk after your query. More on this in our Help Center.

We’re really excited about how Crowdskout’s updated platform can help you run even better campaigns. We’d love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think!  


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Posted by Zack Christenson

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