Introducing Advocate: Creating Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Introducing Advocate: Creating Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest product, Advocate, which helps to connect your supporters directly to decision-makers. Advocate allows organizations to create grassroots advocacy campaigns – integrated seamlessly with Crowdskout’s advocacy suite – to turn citizens into activists, while maintaining a 360 degree view of your supporters, informing how to engage with them at their first touch and how to make them champions of your cause.

With Advocate, you can:

  • Create landing pages with custom domains
  • Let supporters send emails to decision-makers
  • Create patch-thru calling efforts
  • Target legislators and influencers via social media
  • Track the progress of your campaigns in real time
  • Find new and passionate supporters

Advocate enables key decision-makers and influencers to hear from your supporters first-hand, while you simultaneously grow your base:



Create landing pages with custom domains
Within minutes, spin up landing pages with custom domains that rally supporters to your cause.



Empower supporters to call or send emails to decision-makers
Launch email or patch-thru calling campaigns that put supporters in touch with elected officials or other important figures, with talking points crafted by you.



Leverage social media to influence lawmakers
Your backers can send tweets and show support on Facebook with pre-populated messaging. Meanwhile, you can monitor the effectiveness of your outreach with Crowdskout’s digital advertising and UTM tracking.



Track progress in real time
Advocate tracks your progress in real time. Advocate is backed by the powerful audience analytics of Crowdskout, so you can build upon the profiles of your current supporters.

If you’re interested in using Advocate at your organization, send us a note.