When it’s go-time on an issue campaign, how do you spend resources to ensure wins and insights to make those bare-knuckle battles easier in the future? With Crowdskout, you can.


The Problem

A taxpayer advocacy group wanted to help constituents contact their state legislators to oppose their party leadership on a contentious labor issue. The taxpayer-friendly governor had previously vetoed a bill with widespread support in the legislature, but to overturn the veto the state legislature’s speaker of the house would need every single vote from his caucus—and he was determined to get it. It was critically important to the group that the legislature not pass a measure to override the veto. The advocacy group had a limited budget and wanted to make sure it wasn’t wasting money contacting unreceptive voters.

The Solution

The group used Crowdskout to build complex segments to target independent voters in several legislative districts. Data was exported from the platform and used for direct mail pieces, which included phone numbers that patch through to the appropriate lawmaker’s office—and in doing so, allow our client to track who is calling and for how long.

The Result

The measure in question fell short by several votes, meaning Crowdskout’s client achieved its goal. Several of the campaign’s legislative targets voted against party leadership in support of the governor, despite having previously pushed the same anti-taxpayer measure and having incredible amounts of political pressure placed on them to toe the party line. The results of the campaign are also being stored and are fed back into Crowdskout and will be used to activate independent voters in future campaigns and elections. Additionally, because these results are tied to Crowdskout’s enriched voter data file (featuring +200 data points on demographic and behavioral factors for each individual), Crowdskout’s data scientists are helping to build predictive models that will allow the group to target similar lookalike constituents.

advocacy group case study complex segmenting imageCOMPLEX SEGMENTING
advocacy group case study direct mail imageDIRECT MAIL
advocacy group case study phone calls imagePHONE CALLS
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The results of the campaign are being fed back into Crowdskout to activate voters in future campaigns and elections.

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