The Problem

A presidential campaign needed to consolidate all of their data from across their organization, including several websites and web services, into one central database. The campaign wanted to ensure that every data point they had collected, were collecting or might possibly collect in the future was being translated into actionable insights to inform their future decisions.

The Solution

The campaign uploaded their spreadsheets scattered across the organization from different events, fundraising mailings, email lists, etc. Then, Crowdskout connected to their various third-party services like email platforms, event registration and online fundraising tools. Crowdskout’s matching algorithm then began matching all these data points together, building complete profiles of their audiences of donors, supporters and voters. Crowdskout then made matches from their in-house data to voter files, complete with consumer and demographic information.

The Result

The campaign was able to eliminate its data silos and the messiness of spreadsheets scattered across their organization, thus ensuring decisions were being made with all their data in mind. They were also able to collect new digital data points, gaining insight from web traffic and behavior they wouldn’t have otherwise. As a result, the campaign:

presidential campaign case study number one imageMaximized its voter outreach program in key states by marrying voter file information with consumer, demographic, digital, social, and internal data points
presidential campaign case study number two imageBrought down costs by eliminating wasted marketing efforts and the need for expensive data consultants
presidential campaign case study number three imageIncreased fundraising results by delivering highly targeted messages to donors based on their interests
presidential campaign case study data consolidation imageDATA CONSOLIDATION
presidential campaign case study third-party integration imageTHIRD-PARTY INTEGRATION
presidential campaign case study data appending imageDATA APPENDING
presidential campaign case study arrow down image
presidential campaign case study ipad image

The campaign eliminated its data silos by using one central database for every data point collected on voters, supporters and donors.

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