The Problem

In the wake of a new law passed in the state legislature, a public policy group wanted to educate government employees on their right to opt out of paying dues to the state’s government employees union. The group had a limited budget with which to identify and reach out to government employees.

The Solution

Using Crowdskout, the group was able to pinpoint government employees using mapping technology and make connections to the state’s voter data file. Crowdskout also served as the hub for data acquired from a variety of sources, including focus groups, interviews, Freedom of Information Act requests, and propriety data acquired from specialized vendors. Crowdskout was able to enhance this data by connecting it to individual voter profiles (and the 200+ data fields that accompany each profile), append social media information, and data mine for email addresses directly associated with known government employee union members in opt-out eligible districts. This data was then used to run a multi- layered campaign that included direct mail, email, and digital advertising that was specifically targeted, down to the individual, at the client’s target audience—and properly segmented so that each individual received messaging that had been proven effective.

The Result

With a budget of under $100,000 each year, Crowdskout empowered the group to reach 54,000 government employees in 2014 and 65,000 in 2015 across multiple channels. After the campaign in 2014, 5,000 government employees were shown to have opted out of the union.

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Over 54,000 government employees were contacted, and after the campaign in 2014, 5,000 government employees were shown to have opted out of the union.

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