The group needed to identify its most active supporters to help initiate an issue agenda that spans stakeholders of disparate industries.

Using insights made possible by Crowdskout’s online and offline data collection and third-party integrations, the group honed their campaign tactics through video-rich email outreach and targeted digital ads, ultimately enhancing its outreach operations and reaching its biggest supporters.

Disorganized data and scattered issues of interest.

A major trade group representing multinational U.S. corporations across a wide range of business industries wanted to activate grassroots supporters from every corner of the country.

The trouble was, there was no single issue that united potential supporters, and no way of differentiating these supporters based on their issue of interest. When doing outreach to online audiences, the group had no idea which ideas would hook or flop and were struggling to convince their audience to come back to support causes in the future.

The group also struggled with disorganized, scattered data. They had generated lists of would-be supporters through scattershot calls-to-action and get-out-the-vote campaigns. However, they had virtually zero insights into the fabric of this audience – who they were, how they consumed content – and how to connect with them across multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Tracking digital interactions to identify biggest supporters.

Using Crowdskout, the group uncovered the identities of who they should target. The group aggregated all of the scattered lists from past campaigns to identify and append voter profiles back to their existing lists of one-time supporters to build personas of would-be supporters. Through these personas, the group was able to identify the best promotion channels to find new supporters who shared similar traits.

In turn, the group was also able to constantly hone this by tracking how new and growing audiences responded to new content—for instance, testing text-only email outreach versus video-rich content to see what hooked audiences.

The group appended existing voter data by collecting information through a digital ad campaign on Pandora. Each time someone clicked on their ad in Pandora, basic contact information flowed into Crowdskout through an API connection. Through this method, the group was able to get a clear sense of their supporters’ behaviors and interests and know how to further engage them.

At Crowdskout, we pride ourselves on the willingness to integrate with any third-party tool. The group was also able to gather additional contact information through a “contact your legislator” application, further rounding out their contacts and gaining a holistic view of their audience.

What was the result?

The group enhanced its outreach operations and reached its biggest supporters with messages they knew would motivate them to take action and become advocates.