How we helped a charter school manage disparate data sources, identify website visitors and create targeted audiences to strengthen their outreach efforts.



STRIVE Prep needed a centralized hub to unify a variety of stakeholder data – including parents, teachers, and donors – from 11 schools across Denver. They also needed a way to effectively manage various teams in the organization.


After Crowdskout, STRIVE Prep was able to build a robust database under one roof–with team permissioning–and gain a 360 degree view of their audience’s behaviors. These insights strengthened and organized STRIVE Prep’s marketing efforts and allowed the team to reach more potential parents, teachers and donors.

Opportunity to make a more powerful impact

STRIVE Prep was having difficulty coordinating outreach to their community of 11 schools across Denver. They served 3,500 students but had no central hub for their contacts managed by various teams within their organization. Those responsible for overseeing outreach for parents and prospective parents were using a different database from those responsible for teachers, and those responsible for attracting new donors. They also believed they could make a powerful impact and grow the school through more targeted and personalized outreach, but weren’t sure how to make that happen.

Creating custom user levels for a more organized team

STRIVE Prep turned to Crowdskout to solve their issues. They unified all of their data on Crowdskout while building out custom permissioning, meaning that each of their teams only saw the data and audience profiles they needed to do their jobs effectively. The development team only saw contacts tagged as development prospects or donors, and didn’t have access to parent or teacher info while those responsible for outreach to current community members would not see development prospects. Additionally, the administration could now get a snapshot of all of STRIVE Prep’s outreach in one platform.

This resulted in improved communication within teams and between departments, meaning STRIVE Prep could be more organized with marketing efforts and develop more targeted outreach.

Appending data and continuous tracking

STRIVE Prep also knew their website could be a more powerful tool. Using Crowdskout’s web forms and tracking code, they gathered even more information about their website visitors and mapped it back against the data they now housed in one system.

This continuous data collection made it easier for the organization’s marketing and talent teams to create a more intentional recruitment strategy that targeted these visitors. The organization also used Crowdskout forms during prospect events for potential donors and teachers.

Building comprehensive audience segments and profiles  

After their data was in one place and being continually augmented with interaction data, STRIVE Prep created  audience segments within Crowdskout depending on their contacts’ relationship with their organization. The organization used custom tags to differentiate their contacts depending on student info, donor status and other tags specific to each of their schools.

STRIVE Prep then continued to append audience profiles through integrations with MailChimp and Eventbrite that allowed data to automatically flow back into Crowdskout.

Organized, cross-channel marketing insights

As a result of using Crowdskout, STRIVE Prep gained a 360 degree view of the contacts that matter most. The team was able to view their audience cross-channel, understand the online activity of website visitors, and match that up with audiences that attended events—allowing them to see who was most engaged or the best candidate for follow up.

These insights strengthened and organized STRIVE Prep’s marketing efforts and allowed the team to reach more potential parents, teachers and donors.