Crowdskout - The Company Transforming The Way People Organize

We're transforming the way people organize

Crowdskout empowers people to take part in the democratic process, giving organizations of all sizes new ways to communicate with their supporters.

Democratizing Data

We think data science and hyper-segmented marketing aren't just for those with million-dollar marketing budgets. We're democratizing the use of data and lowering the barrier to entry.


We believe in full transparency both within our organization and with our customers. Everyone is most effective with open and honest communication.

Customer Success

Our customers are the the most important part of what we do. Every decision we make and every action we take is with our customers in mind.

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Crowdskout team

Meet the faces behind the innovation

Zack Christenson
George Yates
Lucy Caldwell
Shana Glenzer
Alex Tracy
Director, Customer Success
Mike Galey
Lead Systems Engineer
Will Durney
Lead Back End Engineer
Jessica Galpin
Senior Product Designer
James Keary
Integration Engineer
Dan Fey
Senior Back End Software Engineer
Guangyang Li
Data Scientist
Johnny Craig
Sales Director
Chloe Powell
Back End Engineer
Tracy King
Front End Engineer
Shannon McNary
Jenise Walters
Front End Engineer
Taylor Poindexter
Back End Engineer
Karina Golkova
Project Manager
Nicole Tanoue
Marketing Manager
Leyko Nagayoshi
Associate Customer Success Manager
Federico Snieg
Front End Engineer
Andrei Koenig
Integration Engineer
Patrick Boroughs
Database Engineer
Steven McCarty
Associate Customer Success Manager
Elli Scharlin
Full Stack Engineer
Grady Houston
Support Engineer
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Join us for our webinar next week with @CharlesMKelley, VP of Digital at @McGuireWoodsLLP to learn how to make 2019 your winningest year! Register here:

The full line of $AAPL 2020 iPhones is reportedly likely to ditch the LCD display in favor of OLED. @Crowdskout CMO, @ShanaGlenzer, joins #CheddarLIVE to discuss why the change would give Apple more flexibility and how this would affect consumers.

With a new Congress in session and state lawmakers back to work, there’s no better time to refresh your advocacy strategy. Join us for a webinar w/ Charles Kelley, VP of Digital @McGuireWoodsLLP on Jan. 30th to hear the latest advocacy and data trends!

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