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Create Beautiful Landing Pages with Crowdskout

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

Whether you’re trying to find new supporters who are passionate about your cause or engage existing ones, using forms and landing pages to capture attention is an essential part of your digital outreach strategy. But styling beautiful pages can be a headache if you’re crunched for time, not to mention tracking the results of web sign-ups in your CRM platform for better targeting.

Our customers have always been able to spin up forms to embed on their own websites, but now you can do even more thanks to the release of landing pages for Crowdskout web forms. Now customers can create beautiful landing pages directly in Crowdskout during web form setup.

With this new update, it’s easy to create a landing page for your for supporters to sign up to learn more about your cause or candidate, to ask people to register for an event or to drive interest in a volunteer recruitment effort. With just a few clicks, your web form will be transformed into a beautiful webpage, ready to convert visitors to your cause.

Here’s what’s new:

Landing pages


Simple and easy to use

After you create a web form, you now have the option to create a landing page for your web form to live on.

Our simple, intuitive landing page template makes it easy for visitors to gain more context about your issue or cause. You don’t need to hire designers or developers to create custom styled pages around your forms—you can do it with just a few clicks within Crowdskout.


Customize landing pages


Fully customizable design

Crowdskout’s new landing pages feature allows you to customize and style any page you create, from setting up unique domains to adding your branding elements to customizing the text. If you’d like to learn more about Crowdskout landing pages, check out this helpful article or give us a shout at