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Introducing First-of-Its-Kind Advanced Data Importing

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

Democratizing access to data and tools for campaigns and cause-driven organizations has been a guiding principle for Crowdskout since we began, and today we’re excited to announce an update to the platform that furthers that mission.

In a first-of-its-kind capability for the industry, Crowdskout now allows you to import complex voter files directly to the platform—without the help of a support team or engineers and regardless of the format or where you get it.

With Crowdskout’s import tool, you’ll no longer be forced to buy voter data from a vendor that doesn’t suit your unique needs. You’re not at the mercy of a support rep or subject to hefty fees to get your data imported, and you’ll never have to retrofit your operations into a platform built for a totally different industry.

Here’s why this matters to Crowdskout users:  

Import your voter data on your own time

Today, organizations can acquire voter data from a range of sources—whether it’s from a data vendor that has enhanced records with demographic and consumer information, or it’s a basic file of updated voter rolls that includes complex voter history going back decades maintained by a county clerk. While the latter is usually free or very affordable for organizations that may not need a more robust file, until now there have been no tools to easily ingest this data for audience creation—meaning groups are forced to choose between spending more for something they don’t need or paying fees to make a basic file less unwieldy. Now, both choices are equally convenient. You can import whatever type of file works best for you directly within the platform, on your own time.   

Enhance your files with custom fields on the fly

Combining the voter and demographic data that informs your campaigns with the first-party data you’ve collected over time is always a problem for organizations. When you import data, Crowdskout will merge profiles of the same individuals across multiple spreadsheets, so that you have a truly global view of your audience. And for characteristics you’ve been tracking that don’t fit into pre-configured fields–say, what flavor of ice cream your audience prefers–you can seamlessly add those attributes as new custom fields, even on the fly during the import process.

Easy to use, for everyone on your team

From the beginning, we’ve striven to make Crowdskout accessible to everyone on your team—from your least tech-savvy volunteer to your expert data-scientist. With this latest update, we’re making our import tool even easier to use. You can now track your progress as you map your file and see a preview of what you’re importing before you pull the trigger. And if you realize you’ve made a mistake after the fact, no problem! You can roll back an import up to 72 hours after you’ve imported it.

We’re always working to make it easier for you to reach the supporters, donors and constituents who matter most to your cause. If you’d like to learn more about our new import update, drop us a lineWe’d love to hear from you.