Crowdskout + Facebook Lead Ads: Find Supporters, Grow Your List

Crowdskout + Facebook Lead Ads: Find Supporters and Grow Your List

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

With billions of active users, Facebook provides organizations immense reach. Whatever your goal – attracting donors, turning out voters, building your membership, or recruiting advocates – Facebook Lead Ads can be a great tool.

The challenge is: Once Facebook users interact with your ads, how do you keep them engaged?

Crowdskout is excited to announce our new integration with Facebook Lead Ads. Now, when you run lead ads through Facebook, signups will be pulled automatically into Crowdskout. This allows you to see responses or sign-ups immediately, analyze trends, and follow up with respondents on or off Facebook.

Here’s how it works:

Pull results from your Facebook Lead Ads in real time

No more messy data exports or endless .csv files. With Crowdskout’s integration, lead ad responses are pulled directly into a supporter’s activity timeline. You can see individual responses in real time, start analyzing results immediately and begin outreach as soon as possible to increase conversion rates.

Integrate Facebook Lead Ad responses with all your other efforts

Crowdskout’s new integration breaks down traditional data “silos,” connecting everything you know about your supporters on Facebook with all the other interactions you’re having with them online and offline. You can optimize your Facebook ads and see stats like whether an ad respondent has volunteered for you before, made a donation, or visited your website.

Create audience segments based on lead ad responses  

As Facebook Lead Ad data streams into Crowdskout, you can create custom audience segments of individuals who fill out your forms. You can even drill down and target audiences based on specific form responses like zip code.

Append more data

Crowdskout can automatically append more data from our trusted data vendors—including consumer, demographic, and voter information. So as new supporters come in the door, you’re instantly learning more about who’s in your audience and what makes them tick.

Reach out to contacts on your terms

Use Crowdskout to execute outreach through the channels that make the most sense. Send emails or text messages. Deploy canvassers. Make phone calls. With Crowdskout, you can make data-driven decisions and convert lead ad responders into action-takers.

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