Think unicorns. Fairies. All the wonderful things are real.

24/7 Access to Your Data

We firmly believe that your data is your data, and yours alone - only you should have access to it.

Keeping Them Accountable

Whether it’s members of your own team or trusted vendors, Crowdskout keeps them accountable not only through enhanced user management tools, but also through clear visualization to see if what you’re doing is working.

Hello, it’s Us!

Our customer service is powered by our real life staff members in DC. Chat with us whenever, wherever, and know you’re talking to a real member of the Crowdskout team.

Make Sure It's Working

Like a fine wine that gets better with age, Crowdskout gets more awesome over time—compare results of campaigns over defined timeframes so you know what’s working and what needs tweaking.

We're Secure - Like Castle and Moat Secure

We take the privacy of your data seriously—as if it were our own. We’ve added safeguards to ensure that your data is stored in the most secure fashion possible.

Using Your Insights

Since Crowdskout streams all the data from your outreach tools into one place, insights become magnified. We've built tools to take insights from your existing campaigns to make the next ones even better.

Playing Well With Others

Crowdskout helps you make the most of the tools you already love—we don’t force you to replace them. Connect to any third-party tool you’re using to generate even better insights.

Feeling the Love?