Operator by Crowdskout - Run Virtual Phone Banks, Mobilize Supporters

Run Virtual Phone Banks that Mobilize Supporters with Operator

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

When it comes to rallying voters to turn out for your candidate or cause, a phone call can be the personalized touch you need. However, running phone-banking efforts can be a complex process when you’re managing hundreds of volunteers.  

Phone banks just got easier with Operator, allowing you to run dozens of campaigns simultaneously with ease. Operator is intuitive enough for volunteers yet sophisticated enough to quickly analyze trends and gain insight on your progress.

With Operator you can:

  • Keep your team on track with customized scripts and call logs
  • Create surveys and polls to quickly gather data from supporters
  • Experiment with different messaging and data collection variants
  • Visualize results and monitor progress in real time
  • Set goals that keep your team motivated

Here’s how Operator allows you to run streamlined phone-banking efforts to mobilize supporters:



Keep your team on track with customized scripts and call logs

Operator is easy for your team to master, regardless of how long they have been involved with your organization. Volunteers call directly from our platform on a web browser with a call script that prompts them with what to say and when to ask for information, minimizing human error. Each call is logged in Operator, so you won’t have to worry about losing valuable data.  

Create surveys and polls to gather data from supporters

Your volunteers can fill out surveys and take notes right within Operator so all the data you’re collecting is tracked in one place. If you’re running an engagement survey to gauge the likelihood of a particular sector or supporters to vote or take action, your volunteers can see pre-drafted questions to get the answers you’re looking for.



Test which messages are driving results  

You can experiment with different messaging to discover what language is most effective in driving results.  



Track progress in real time

Results from your phone-banking surveys sync immediately in Operator so key stakeholders can visualize progress as it happens. Track the number of calls completed and the number unanswered, using these insights to set goals that maximize your campaign efforts across your organization.

Gather more data for a holistic view of your audience

As you continue to gather data, you can begin to see a complete picture of your supporters’ motivations. Use these insights to be more effective in mobilizing constituents to vote for your candidate or cause.

If you’re interested in using Operator, send us a note. We’d love to hear from you!