Crowdskout + Polis Canvassing App: Turning Door-Knocks to Advocates

Crowdskout + Polis: Turning Door Knocks into Donors, Volunteers, and Advocates

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

Whether it’s through social media outreach or via targeted SMS marketing, today there are a plethora of ways to reach supporters. But even with all the new digital marketing channels, sometimes the most effective tactic is door-to-door canvassing.

Canvassing is an indispensable way for your campaign or organization to collect valuable first-hand insights about who your audience is, what they care about, and how motivated they are to support your cause. But to make the most of the insights your team is gleaning from knocking doors, all the data you’re collecting has to go somewhere.

Crowdskout empowers campaigns and organizations of all sizes to leverage every bit of data you’re collecting – whether it’s website visitors or potential supporters who have taken an in-person survey or have simply had a conversation with your team. Our platform integrates with a variety of field-organizing tools, allowing your team flexibility to maximize your efforts.

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest integration with Polis, a canvassing app designed to make door-knocking easier. Data collected using the Polis app now can be pulled into Crowdskout automatically. This lets users discover trends, analyze successes (or failures) in canvassing campaigns, and create effective strategies for converting contacts.

“Polis could not be more enthused about the integration we have developed with Crowdskout. The natural synergy between both groups makes this relationship a no-brainer and we expect to be able to provide a more robust and enhanced customer experience for all of our clients as a result of our partnership,” said Kendall Tucker, CEO of Polis.

Here’s what you can expect from our integration with Polis:

Track the progress of canvassing campaigns in real time.

The activity you track through Polis will automatically flow into Crowdskout as it happens and will be appended to existing audience profiles. You can also build charts to visualize Polis activity right from your Crowdskout dashboards.

You’ll have all the details at your fingertips – from survey responses to canvassing campaign associations, down to which volunteer is responsible for which knock.

Create audience segments of the most engaged supporters.

Whether you’re building awareness for a cause, gathering support for a candidate, recruiting members to your team, or conducting grassroots fundraising, keeping track of the most engaged supporters is crucial to any campaign.

With this new integration, you can use Crowdskout to create custom audience segments from Polis data and formulate a strategy to inspire those supporters to take action.

Using the insights flowing into Crowdskout, you can design data-driven strategies to turn those door-knocks into donors, volunteers, and advocates.  

If you want to learn more about our integration with Polis – or just about Crowdskout in general – don’t wait! Send us an email at