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The platform that fuels data-driven campaigns

Powerful enough for data scientists. Easy enough for volunteers.

Collect the right data

Pull data from scattered spreadsheets and connect to any of your valued third-party apps or services.

View every touchpoint paired with demographic data for a 360 degree view of your audience.

Analyze your audience

Track every online and offline interaction and build custom audiences based on virtually any data point.

Build custom dashboards and data visualizations for real time updates to inform your engagement strategy.

Execute your outreach

Launch canvassing and phone banking, send email and create forms or surveys directly in Crowdskout.

Manage your staff and volunteers with customizable user levels, activity-tracking, and data-permissioning.


We play nice with the tools you're already using. We aggregate data from your third-party apps so everything you need can live in one place.

Then, push custom audiences to any of these apps.

Audience profiles and timelines

From basic demographics to voting history to digital advocacy and social media engagement to donor records, view everything you need to truly understand your audience.

Get a 360 degree view of your audience and learn the best ways to reach them.


Build custom audiences based on profile information or interactions — from demographic or civic data points to video-views, survey responses, or event attendance.

Discover trends you never knew existed and use these insights to create smarter campaigns.

Data importing

Easily import your own data – including complex voter files – regardless of the format or source. Import data on your own time without the help of a support team or vendors that don't suit your unique needs, and without the hefty fees.

Seamlessly add attributes as new custom fields on the fly even during the import process. Roll back an import up to 72 hours after you've uploaded it.

Dashboard and analysis

Build custom dashboards and create charts and graphs to visualize and analyze your audience and set goals for your team.

Get a quick-hit glance of your progress and outreach trends to fuel your future messaging and outreach efforts.


Run highly targeted email campaigns to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Build email templates to fit your organization's branding.

Surveys, petitions and forms

Collect information online, in the field or during events with our surveys, forms and petitions.

Data collected automatically updates existing audience profiles or creates new ones, meaning you can spend time engaging rather than struggling to stay organized.

Check out even more of our features!

Custom Attributes

Use custom attributes to group like audiences–whether tracking interest issues or tagging a volunteer prospect.


Assign tasks to keep your team focused on what's important and set goals to track their progress.


Manage your volunteers and team with customizable user-permissioning, data access and activity-tracking.

Volunteer Management

Manage your volunteers and build audiences based on volunteer interests, activity and event attendance.

Donation History

Track you donors' giving history and other interactions for a full view of your audience's engagement.

Intelligent Scores

Utilize Crowdskout artificial intelligence scores to understand your audience's engagement and political disposition.

Digital Tracking

Drop Crowdskout tracking code onto your sites to trace activity like page-views back to your audience for better attribution.

Advanced Queries

Use CQL, Crowdskout's custom query language, to build complex audiences to identify trends you never knew existed.

Import and Export

Import and export your data whenever you like. With Crowdskout, the data is always yours and should be used however you like.

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Make your supporters’ voices heard

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Pool and share data for more effective partnerships

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