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Make your supporters’ voices heard

Create grassroots advocacy campaigns that connect supporters directly to decision-makers and influencers.

Advocate connects your supporters with decision-makers via email, social media and patch-thru calling to make sure they’re hearing those voices first-hand. Advocate helps you turn everyday citizens into activists so you can move your issues in the right direction.

Send emails to lawmakers and influencers

Create forms and landing pages that allows supporters to email their elected officials or other key decision-makers.

Customize the messaging in your email campaigns, choose which decision-makers to target, and even identify non lawmakers who matter to your cause by driving supporters to contact CEOs or other important decision-makers.

Connect calls directly to legislators’ offices

Empower your supporters to call lawmakers and decision-makers directly to tell them where they stand on your issue.

Create your own messaging and customized patch-thru calling campaigns, making it easy for supporters to fill the phone lines of lawmakers with a single click.

Reach legislators and influencers on social media

Send tweets to lawmakers, then track these interactions with your supporters.

Customize your messaging and allow supporters to share on Facebook. Use Crowdskout to monitor the effectiveness of your outreach and conversion rates.

Create landing pages with custom domains

Spin up custom landing pages quickly to support your grassroots campaigns, making it easy for supporters to engage with your issue.

Keep up the momentum using custom landing page domains, where you’ll easily enable advocates to send emails, tweets, or participate in patch-thru calling efforts on your behalf.

Track everything

Track the progress of your campaign in real time and leverage the power of Crowdskout to learn more about your current supporters while discovering new ones.

Crowdskout can also auto-append voter data as new supporters come in to give you a better sense of what motivates your supporters.

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