Daytripper by Crowdskout - Build Data-Driven Canvassing Efforts

Execute smarter canvassing campaigns

Build data-driven canvassing efforts directly within the platform.

With Daytripper, plan and execute smarter canvassing campaigns to mobilize your team. Manage all your volunteers and track progress in real-time. As responses are collected, you can use the power of Crowdskout to slice and dice responses and build audiences to inform the next day's door knocks.

Customized, intuitive daytrips

Build a custom audience, cut turfs, and deploy surveys and petitions via on-the-ground staff and volunteers. Deliver beautiful and intuitive walklists.

Daytripper allows your team to collect data directly from a tablet or smartphone.

360 degree view of your canvassing efforts

Daytripper results automatically stream back into Crowdskout. New insights about your audience are instantly accessible to anyone on your campaign who needs it, not just your field staff.

With Daytripper, your key players gain a truly holistic view of your supporters and the most effective way to engage with them.

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