Operator by Crowdskout - Run Virtual Phone Banks

Run virtual phone banks to reach supporters

Smarter phone banking seamlessly executed
inside the Crowdskout platform.

With Operator, effectively manage phone-banking campaigns with an organized team and comprehensive data collection. Better allocate your valuable resources by using incoming data to influence ongoing digital and field campaign efforts.

Efficient phone banking

Manage dozens of phone-banking campaigns at once using Crowdskout's customizable surveys. Run campaigns with dozens or even hundreds of volunteers working simultaneously.

Experiment with different messaging and data collection variants and visualize the results in real time, without wasting time on ineffective tactics.

Real results in real time

Results from phone-banking surveys sync back immediately to Crowdskout so your key decisionmakers can see progress as it happens right in the app.

While volunteers are making calls, you spend time in the data returns – creating new segments, analyzing patterns and churning out reports.

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