Quartermaster by Crowdskout - Pool & Share Data For Better Partnerships

Pool and share data for more effective partnerships

Strengthen your outreach with better data.
Build your network by pooling with partners and coalitions.

With Quartermaster, maximize the power of your network to move your initiatives. Easily spin up new accounts for chapters while allowing specific data to remain private. Harness online and offline data being gathered by your allies to magnify your message.

Smart data-pooling

Share data between allied organizations for enhanced insights into target audiences you would otherwise not have. Using the power of the Crowdskout platform, your segments will automatically grow as your data does.

Easily analyze your segments to understand if data provided by your partner organizations changes the way you target your audiences.

Agile data access

Choose which data to share and which to keep private among your chapters or partner groups. Then, designate who is empowered to take action on it.

Change data permissions at any time, so if your relationship with an ally changes or grows, so can your data partnership.

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