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Case Study: Spinning Up Effective Advocacy Campaigns From Scratch

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

How we helped a growing nonprofit organization increase engagement, drive donations, and make a bigger impact in their community.   


Unite for Kids Atlanta is an education nonprofit organization in Atlanta, GA dedicated to ensuring sustainable funding for early childhood development. The organization pledges to make Atlanta a city of opportunity and fosters a community that unites to help every child reach their dreams.


Unite for Kids Atlanta came to Crowdskout with the goal of increasing their audience base, and converting their biggest supporters to take action for their cause. As a new non-profit, they needed a way to gather information about potential supporters. The organization also needed central hub where staff and volunteers could have access to supporter data and execute outreach.


After using Crowdskout, the organization strengthened their outreach efforts by gaining quality contacts and converting them. They increased the number of contacts by 900% and their active donors by 100%.


Building out high quality contacts from scratch

As a young nonprofit organization, Unite for Kids Atlanta needed to both build a base of potential supporters from scratch and increase their existing donor base.By embedding Crowdskout’s web forms into U4K’s website and creating Crowdskout forms on the fly during events, U4K was able to gain new contacts and further append existing data through survey questions to create robust audience profiles.


Seeing a holistic view of supporters

The organization needed a central hub where volunteers could have access to donors and prospective volunteers. They also needed a place where they could see all the interactions they have had with these individuals to better understand their audience. By merging offline interactions with donors and volunteers with the online interactions from Crowdskout web forms on their website, Unite for Kids Atlanta was able to discover how many times they have reached out to an individual and what their level of engagement was.


Managing volunteers for an effective growth strategy  

The organization utilized Crowdskout’s custom user permissioning levels for different volunteers to effectively manage them. The user permissioning varied depending on the volunteer’s role, meaning each user could see only the data that was relevant and important to them. Additionally, Crowdskout’s user levels allowed the organization’s leadership team to see a snapshot of staff and volunteer activity and effectively manage the team with the ability to scale up at any moment.  


Executing targeted outreach and increasing engagement

Using insights gained through Crowdskout, Unite for Kids Atlanta created audience segments of its most engaged supporters and was able to create and execute targeted campaigns – using only our native tools – that encouraged these individuals to donate or become volunteers.

After using Crowdskout, Unite for Kids Atlanta increased their audience size by over 900% and their active donors by 100%.


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