Target Supporters Like Never Before with Crowdskout Geointelligence

Target Your Supporters Like Never Before with Crowdskout Geointelligence

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

Identifying the right supporters to take action just got even easier.

Today we’re excited to announce Crowdskout Geointelligence, the best way to target your supporters based on their real-life locations.

If your existing database of supporters is a jumble of spreadsheet rows of addresses, that’s all about to change. Import them into Crowdskout and immediately discover what congressional, state legislative, and school districts your supporters live in—and more.

Then, use these new insights to drive smarter outreach.

Reach out to supporters in a certain district to contact their lawmaker who’s on the fence about an important bill coming up for a vote. Alert supporters who live in a specific school district to let them know important education programs are on the line.

Whether you’re working at a hyper-local level or trying to make an impact in Washington, Crowdskout Geointelligence helps you identify the supporters who matter most on your issue. Best of all, it’s not necessary to wrangle additional voter data to get these insights. They’re all available to you simply by importing your data into Crowdskout, and all new supporter records you gather will be enhanced on an ongoing basis.

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