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Case Study: Tracking Online Interactions to Fuel a Successful Campaign

Alex Tracy
Alex Tracy

Tracking Online Interactions to Fuel a Successful Campaign

How we helped a gubernatorial campaign analyze online interactions to recruit the right volunteers for door-knocking efforts (and inspire voters to take action!)   

The Challenge:

A gubernatorial campaign needed to aggregate data from outdated systems and sync up online and offline interactions in order to target and match up the right volunteers with constituents for successful door-knocking, phone banking and overall outreach.


The Outcome:

Using Crowdskout, the campaign streamlined volunteer recruitment and management. The campaign collected data about the digital footprints of volunteers and matched them to specific supporter groups, which resulted in more personalized door-knocking efforts. By bringing audience data from both online and offline sources under one roof, the campaign gathered insights to inform smarter outreach and messaging—ultimately winning the election.


Outdated systems, real-time needs.

A gubernatorial campaign was using an outdated, disorganized data system that wasn’t capturing crucial insights on their audience. In order to succeed, the campaign needed a more streamlined way to both recruit volunteers and organize those volunteers to go door-knocking, make calls and generally saturate the field. The campaign needed to make sure the right volunteers were reaching out to potential voters they would be able to influence.

At the same time, the campaign’s digital team needed to learn as much as they could about their supporter base and urge them to become volunteers or vote for their candidate. Through Crowdskout, the team aggregated all their online data to marry up and sync with offline interactions to gain a more holistic view of their audience.  


Bringing data together for high-level targeting.

To get started, the campaign imported historical CSVs and connected to Crowdskout’s API to transfer over a customized voter file. Additionally, the campaign connected MailChimp, Eventbrite, and Gravity Forms to bring in all historical email campaigns, event information, and web form submissions under one roof.

Crowdskout combed the Federal Election Commission database – pairing voting data with data from social media profiles – and merged offline and online interactions to create holistic profiles of each individual. Once those profiles began to take shape, the campaign was able to execute high-level targeting and make decisions about how to effectively reach their most loyal supporter base and convert them to volunteers.

The campaign created lists of special interests based on past interactions and engagement metrics to conduct outreach. They then used Crowdskout’s in-platform canvassing app Daytripper to door knocking to specific supporter groups identified by data in the lists. They were also able to collect digital footprints of all website visitors and gain information about web traffic including video plays, survey responses and donations, gaining an even more robust understanding of their supporter groups and convert them to passionate volunteers.


Smarter, more data-driven outreach.

The power of collecting information in the field, tracking supporters online, and appending to the voter file proved valuable, and as a result, the campaign:

  • Identified the strongest supporters and converted them to volunteers.
  • Streamlined the process for collecting all data online and offline interactions to give the campaign a comprehensive, holistic view of their supporters.
  • Increased the success of doorknocking outreach through the use of Daytripper and gaining audience insights based on how they interacted with the campaigns.
  • Delivered a more targeted message to increase likelihood for donations and voting action.
  • Won the election!